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Research Services

Will research a problem area you're having. I specialize in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and New York research but can search anywhere. I have also worked in Germany, Holland, and Scotland. Among many other areas.

Data Entry
I will input your data you have into the computer and save it as a Gedcom file so that you can share your information with others.

Getting Started
I will teach you how to get started on your family history. I can show you how to incorporate Geneaology into your Homeschool curriculum.

I can find cemetaries, church sites, and other important sites and documents in and around the Wisconsin area. I can take pictures for you, do cemetary rubbings, or document information for you.

Scanning Services
I can scan pictures and documents for you and restore them to their original state(or as close as possible).


Plans for the annual family reunion are underway. Please stay tuned.