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The Page's Webmaster

My name is Laurel Kennedy and I have been researching my family history for over 15 years now.
I've been helping family and friends with their research as well. I decided why not do this as a career, earn money doing what I love anyway. Make money and be able to stay at home with my children.
Be able to help others find their missing past.
So I created Laurel's Lineage
I specialize in researching in Wisconsin, Pennsylvannia and New York. But have also done work in many other areas including Germany, Holland and Scotland.

I will research an area you're having trouble with, help you if you're starting from scratch, help you with lookups in the Wisconsin area(Find cemetaries, church records, take pictures of sites, etc.),input any data you already have into the computer in gedcom format so that you may share information with others and also scan documents and photos for you.

The Ancestor List

Are we related? Is your great-grandfather our mother's cousin's grandma's nephew once removed? There's only one way to find out . . . . In this list, names and dates are indexed by surname:


About the Family Roots

On the Blackstone side I go back to Clarence Stacey Blackstone he was born aproximately April 3, 1879 in Halifax, Novia Scotia, Canada. He married Elizabeth Blakeley Urquhart on July 25, 1889 in St. John, New
Brunswick,Canada. He was a lumberman for the Great Northern Paper Company in Maine and went to work one time aprox. 1920 and never was heard from again. Elizabeth's parents were Alexander Uruhart and Agnes Herbison(spelling maybe wrong). Elizabeth is buried with her maternal grandmother Nancy Herbison.
On the Foote side I go back to Frank L. Foote who was born on March 14, 1864 in Pennsylvania possibly the Franklin Forks area. He died on Sept. 17, 1950. Frank married Anna B. Stockholm in 1900. Frank's Father is Myron Foote who died in 1870 from results of injuries from the Civil War. The Footes came from Lapshire, England in the 1760's and settled in Great Bend,Pa., they had 7 children one of which was Frank.
On the Stockholm side we go back to Anna B. Stockholm who was born on Aug. 14, 1881 in Pennsylvania possibly the Franklin Forks area. She
died on March 23, 1965. Her parents are Aaron E. Stockholm-DOB Dec,1837 New York & Elizabeth Coley-DOB April,1845 from New York. The Stockholm's came here from Sweden in the 1740's and settled
in Orange County, N.Y. They had a large family and in the 1800's several of them moved west to Illinois, Wisconsin and Oregon. Aaron moved to
Susquehanna County, PA. Aaron & Elizabeth had 11 children. Contact me for more information. Frank L. Foote and Anna B. Stockholm had a son named Myron Stockholm Foote and he married Jessie Ida Johnson,
this is where we get the Johnson, Gilman and Weymouth sides.

The Bach side goes back to Johann (John) Bach who was born on Oct. 23,1866 in Schleich Trier, Germany. He died on Nov. 23, 1929 in Chicago, Il. He married Rose Mueller (Miller) on Oct.19,1909. John's parents are Theodar John Bach(Born 1827 in Schleich) and Angela Lorscher Born Nov. 30, 1834 in Ensch,Germany.
The Mueller side go to Rose who was born on June 21,1876 in Chicago,Il. She died on Jan 19,1964 in Onalaska,WI. Her parents are John Mueller and Clara Baumberger.
The Scherer side takes us to Nicholos Scherer who was born on Jan 29,1886 in Mineral Point,WI. and died on Nov. 17, 1929. His parents are Carl and Eva Goelitz(spelling maybe wrong)both from Baden-Baden,Germany.
The Weire side takes us to Clara Elizabeth Weire who was born on June 28, 1882 in Dodgeville, WI. and died on Dec. 7, 1951 in Chicago, Il. She married Nicholas Scherer. Clara's parents were John Weire and Elizabeth Ley both from Luxemburg. They were married in Mineral Point,WI.

I am also researching my husband's side of the family.
Contact me if you would like information on his side of the family or If any of this sounds familiar and you would like detailed information
please contact me at


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